GROUNDGRABBA - Heavy Duty Ground Anchoring Solutions
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      Underground Services.

      Always expect the ground you are about to stake into has services below it until you have determined otherwise.

      Never use GroundGrabbas where there are underground services.

      ❌ Do not use in grounds where there are underground services such as but not limited to: electricity, gas, phone, data, water.

      Impacting services below could lead to one or more of the following which you may be liable for:

      A/ Expensive repair costs

      B/ Minor or major Injury and or death to yourself and or others in the vicinity

      Use of a Drill

      When using Battery drills please refer to the drill manufacturers warnings and safety instructions prior to use with GroundGrabba products.

      Never use mains powered drills.

      Avoidance of Injury

      To help avoid injury please read the following:

      Always start your drill on the lowest torque setting.

      Always expect the GroundGrabba to hit an obstruction like a tree root which will then transfer the twisting force to the drill handle resulting in the drill violently twisting usually in a anti clock wise direction which could injure your wrist.

      Always hold your drill firmly with both hands and use the inside of your legs as a drill guide with the drill handle in between your legs to help prevent torque twisting wrist or other injury.


      Only use GroundGrabbas for their intended purpose of ground anchoring things such as tents and shade canopies.

      Use a good quality high torque drill or impact wrench.
      For hard or extremely hard grounds we recommend pre drilling a ½” pilot hole to help with insertion. Some grounds will be impenetrable.

      Use the correct GroundGrabba for the job.

      ❌ Do not use GroundGrabbas for any other purpose other than ground anchoring.
      ❌ Not for timber, concrete, rock, bitumen, hot mix, tiles or Hard Large rocky grounds.