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      GroundGrabba is a team project combined with David Levine and his gorgeous partner Susan Sparkes-Young — a union fuelled by a shared passion for a camping adventure, exploration, and the great outdoors.

      As a young man growing up on the beaches of Sydney, David spent most of his formative years trekking and camping across vast areas of Australia — from North Queensland, across the Simpson Desert, to Lake Eyre and all points in between.

      Susan (Susu) grew up in her beautiful homeland of New Zealand, spending an adventurous childhood camping throughout the region in her family’s Camp-O-Matic camper trailer.

      In 2010 they settled on the beautiful coast of Kingscliff, in Northern New South Wales. They began with a simple concept — two lifelong campers creating a collection of unique outdoor gear and accessories to help their fellow campers and outdoor-loving friends get the very most out of every experience. From those sincere beginnings, GroundGrabba was born.

      They're so excited to be able to share their efforts with you and help you gain time back to enjoy the moments you set out to do. GroundGrabba helps customers get the most out of every experience by improving the security and protection of their tents, canopies, and shelters while reducing the time and energy required to set them up.

      Try GroundGrabba on your next outdoor adventure. You’ll see just how much better they improve your experience.