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      GroundGrabbas add speed, require Less Time and Energy so you can set up Faster, grab a beer, go fishing or simply relax. There are pro’s and con’s for each type of tent peg/stake:

      • Regular tent pegs usually require more time and effort to bash into the ground and can be just plain awful, tiring & can take so long to extract (see our video below) from the ground.
      • GroundGrabba screw-in tent peg/stakes are fast to insert and super fast to extract.
      • Regular tent peg/stakes do not hold as tight to the ground.
      • GroundGrabba’s really GRAB the ground giving you a greater sense of security especially when the wind picks up in storms. (see our video)
      • Regular tent pegs/stakes need a decent heavy hammer to smash the peg/stake into the ground.
      • GroundGrabba is best used with a trade quality cordless drill or impact wrench/rattle gun but can also be hand wound into the ground using a socket wrench or the HexHook Pro or a 3/4 “ spanner and even a car Lug wrench.
      • Regular hammer in tent pegs/stakes tend to bend when you smash them into hard ground or if they hit an obstruction.
      • The GroundGrabba Pro will not bend, will not break and if by chance you manage to…we will replace it for free even if it is in ten years time! * conditions apply. Note, GroundGrabba Pro II are twice the length of the GroundGrabba Pro and therefore can bend if extreme tension is applied which is not covered by any warranty.

      We just love our GroundGrabbas. We find them terrific, easy and reliable to use as a great addition to your camping equipment. There are some situations you will want your old stakes or any other means of anchoring down. I still carry my old ones for the odd occasion or to lend out.

      All our GroundGrabba range screw in tent peg/stakes have a 3/4" (19mm) hex head. We chose this size as it is a very popular wheel nut size especially with 4x4 vehicles and at GroundGrabba we like to make camping as easy as we possibly can so we can get to the fun stuff sooner.

      We do not recommend children screwing in our GroundGrabbas by a cordless drill or impact wrench. However if you have kids then best use your own judgement to decide how safe it is for them to drive-in the GroundGrabbas using a cordless drill. Maybe let them have a go using a lug wrench or spanner?

      There is potential danger in any activity and clearly the older a child is, the less danger involved. Be aware if using a drill to drive the GroundGrabbas in there will be a certain amount of strength you will need in your wrist, arms and your weight to drive them in safely. If you do let your children drive the GroundGrabbas in then use caution and always supervise them.

      There are differences also in using an impact wrench versus a normal cordless drill. Using an impact wrench is easier and less stressful to use however you must not use an impact wrench on the GroundGrabba Lite’s because the nylon will fracture and snap. To drive the GroundGrabba’s into harder grounds does require strength that most children just wont have.

      Also please read our FAQ “Is there a safe torque setting to help prevent injury or damage to the peg/stake?”

      Some grounds may be impenetrable or close to it. In these grounds we recommend trying to pre-drill a 10mm pilot hole (see our video below) using one of our 10mmx300mm masonry drills. Once there is a pilot hole, you may find it easier or perhaps even possible to now screw the GroundGrabba Pro’s into the ground.

      Don’t fear snapping them, they’re designed to be very strong so you can give them a heap of punishment and if by chance you do… will replace it we for you free for it’s life time. *conditions apply.

      Obviously though if the ground has large rocks or concrete under the surface any peg will find it very difficult or impossible to penetrate.

      Yes you can. The shaft of the GroundGrabba Pro series is 10mm plus the flights so the eyelet must be around 19mm in diameter or use 'The Fang'. We suggest you hand wind the thread through the eyelet before you use your drill to screw them into the ground. (see our video) This helps prevent the thread grabbing the eyelet and wrapping the tarp/ground sheet around the drill.

      The same with removing them….. (see our video) When you have wound the GroundGrabba Pro out of the ground close to where the thread is about to come out of the ground you should stop using the drill and then unwind the rest by hand.

      The GroundGrabba Lite is not designed to screw through eyelets.

      Absolutely yes. The GroundGrabba Lite has it’s own ‘built-in’ hook that you can loop your rope or spring onto. (see our video) The hook is smooth to help the rope slip making it easy to adjust your rope or spring tension. If the load or tension you are going to apply to the GroundGrabba Lite is considerable and you feel it may snap the hook section, then just spin the GroundGrabba lite around 180 degrees so the hook is pointing away from the load and loop your rope under hook closest to the shaft such that the load is against the shaft.

      The GroundGrabba Pro’s work in conjunction with the HexHook Pro which slots over the hex head and then slide it under the hex head using its key hole design. Once the HexHook is slid in place you can then loop your ropes or springs onto the hook section.

      We have designed our products for camping and not for emergency use.

      However should an emergency situation arise and I needed to use anything at my disposal I would certainly not rule out the use the GroundGrabba Pro’s if need be remembering to take all necessary safety precautions to reduce risk of harm should something break or snap under tension. Camping gear can be replaced, people can’t. Always be safe.

      NO, you should not hammer any GroundGrabba into the ground or anywhere else for that matter.

      All Groundrabbas have been designed to screw into the substrate.

      If you use a hammer you will damage them and we do not warrantise against damage due to hammering them into the substrate with any device be it a rock or a hammer.

      All GroundGrabbas have been designed to screw into the substrate. Never hammer, hit or smash them into the substrate or you will void warranty.

      Always screw them into the ground by means of hand, spanner, wrench, ratchet wrench, wheel brace or cordless drill or HexHook Pro.

      We suggest that after using them you give them a wash with fresh water to help remove corrosive substances like salt. Perhaps even give them a spray with something like WD40. Although the Pro series are hot dipped galvanised they will rust if the galvanising scratches off. Scratches and rust are not warrantised and are quite normal once the galvanised coating scratches off.

      When you go camping use whatever you need to get the job done safely. It’s always best to use the right tool for the right job though. Use your common sense. A Lite item will break if you subject it to the extreme forces that the Pro series are designed for. When you go camping use whatever you need to get the job done safely. NEVER use an impact wrench /rattle gun to drive in a “lite” product as the glass reinforced nylon will fracture and break.

      Sand, snow, loose soils:GroundGrabba Pro II, GroundGrabba Lite

      Grass, clay, forests, heathlands: GroundGrabba Pro

      Hard soils, pebbles, roots: GroundGrabba Pro. You may need to predrill holes.

      Rocky soils: GroundGrabba Pro. You may need to predrill holes.

      Extreme Hard and Machined Roadbase: You may NOT be able to drive your GroundGrabba Pro’s into the ground without predrilling... if you can at all. It maybe almost impossible for you to predrill a hole and you will need all your body weight to predrill and to drive the GroundGrabba Pro into the ground.

      Other: Our most popular GroundGrabba Ultimate Camping Pack’s covers most camping situations. You can always add more items to these kits with generous discounts applied.

      We designed our products in Australia. Our GroundGrabba products are made both in the USA, Australia and in China. We have worked quite intensely with our partner Manufacturer in China to create a top quality and reliable product which we can rely on. Despite our best efforts to have them all made in Australia sadly there was very little interest from steel manufacturers. Our GroundGrabba Lites are made on the GoldCoast Qld Au.

      Check out the "where to buy" link on each pages footer.

      Most GroundGrabba items are available for individual sale however it may not be cost effective to do so if you include postage and handling costs. We offer discounts for buying in Packs.

      We welcome bulk order inquiries.

      Extreme Hard and Machined Roadbase:

      You may NOT be able to drive your GroundGrabba Pro’s into the ground without predrilling….if you can at all. It could almost be impossible for you to predrill a hole and you will need all your body weight to predrill and to drive the GroundGrabba Pro into the ground.

      If you successfully predrilled your hole then next step is to drive the GroundGrabba Pro into the hard compacted ground. Make sure your drill is on low speed and you take it slowly putting much weight onto the top of your drill. Place your right leg next to the drill handle to help prevent the drill handle from twisting and injuring your wrist. On extraction use the same technique but this time place your left foot next to your drill handle.

      In harder grounds it is much easier to use an impact wrench with plenty of torque. Impact wrenches reduce twisting force on your wrist. Never use an impact wrench on GroundGrabba Lites.

      We have designed the GroundGrabba’s with a 19mm (3/4″) hex head so that you can use a socket driver set or wheel brace, which in our opinion is pretty clever as wheel braces are a popular tool for campers and 4WD’s to carry. OR... take a spare battery for your cordless or its charger and inverter. It is much easier to use a good quality 18v minimum cordless drill or cordless torque wrench/rattle gun!

      Yes, we have designed the GroundGrabba Pro and GroundGrabba Pro II's with a 3/4″ hex head so that you can use a socket driver set or lug wrench, which in our opinion is pretty clever as wheel braces are a popular tool for campers and 4x4's to carry. HOWEVER, it’s much easier to use a good quality 18v minimum cordless drill or cordless torque wrench/ rattle gun! We have tested our Pro series to over 200Ft lb of torque.


      To start, we recommend that you have your drill set to low speed and mid range torque (See our video below).
      Test screw in your GroundGrabbas and adjust/increase the torque as required.

      Depending on the grounds density and the speed you screw/drive into the ground you will feel the GroundGrabba either bite or just spin.
      If you drill too fast then the GroundGrabba may not bite and just bore a hole so then go slower and maybe put more downward pressure on the drill until you feel it bite.

      Be Aware that should the GroundGrabba hit an obstruction it could stop the drill and transfer the twisting force into the handle.

      This is why it’s IMPORTANT to use the medium or low torque setting to start with and why we recommend the safest way (see our video below) to drill/screw-in the GroundGrabba is with your legs slightly apart and the drill handle just sliding down the inside of your right leg as you penetrate the ground more.

      This method could help save your wrist from serious injury if the GroundGrabba does stop spinning and the force transfers to the handle, your leg will stop the handle of the drill from spinning and twisting your wrist. (see our video)

      When you’ve screwed several GroundGrabba’s into the ground you’ll get the hang of it and just do things automatically…but please always be aware of your wrist. Your safety is important to us.

      It’s about making camping and making life easier and more fun, right? So we designed our screw-in tent peg/stakes so a cordless drill can do the hard work… and you save smashing your hand with a mallet! We recommend that you use a good quality cordless drill or cordless impact wrench rattle gun. You will also need a 19mm Hex Driver socket which will adapt the drill to the GroundGrabba.

      GroundGrabba’s are designed so you can also use:

      1. 19mm hand wrench
      2. HexHook Pro
      3. Lug Wrench/Wheel brace

      There is more chance of injuring yourself than breaking one of our Pro (Steel) Series products. If you use a good quality cordless drill we suggest you use the torque limiting adjustment and set it midway so you can feel the pressure it will put on your wrist and arm and how well it is screwing the GroundGrabba into the ground. If the mid setting doesn’t allow the peg/stake to drill deep enough then you can increase the settings whilst making sure you grip your drill in a way to help prevent it from twisting and spraining or breaking your wrist. (See our video below)

      We suggest you place one leg each side of your drill handle and as the drill may twist in your hand it will swing towards your right leg so that your right leg becomes a guide and helps prevent your wrist being twisted. (See the video below)

      The easiest way is with a cordless impact wrench aka rattle gun. (See the video below) These are the variety you’d notice at a tyre workshop making a rattling sound as the wheel nuts of your car are removed. They will twist with great force but put very little twisting force on your wrist. Using the impact wrench rattle gun with our Pro (Steel) Series pegs is certainly the easiest way to go. Don’t fear breaking our Pro series pegs either... You break it... we replace it! *conditions apply. Do Not use an impact wrench with the GroundGrabba Lite as the glass reinforced nylon will fracture and snap.

      The Pro series are all made from carbon steel that has been heat-treated for extra strength and hot dipped galvanised to help protect against rust and corrosion.

      The GroundGrabba Pro series are versatile, incredibly robust and made for most camping or anchoring conditions. The GroundGrabba Pro is for most ground substrates that you would find camping. They are 12" in length with a shaft thickness of approx 1/2". GroundGrabba Pro is the ultimate ground anchor for tents, tarps, canopies, or other outdoor shelters.

      The GroundGrabba Pro II as above is made from steel but differs from the GroundGrabba Pro (made for general and harder grounds). The GroundGrabba Pro II is twice the length (24") and has twice the flight (spiral or blade) width for deeper and more solid anchoring in soft grounds or sand. In our testing they are the best sand anchoring of its kind. GroundGrabba Pro II is for the ultimate anchoring in soft sand or loose ground you will ever need.

      The GroundGrabba Pro is a general-purpose tent peg/stake for medium to hard grounds that really grab the ground like no standard hammer in peg/stake you’ve ever used. They are extremely strong.

      The GroundGrabba Pro II is for sand, snow or soft to medium grounds for when really needing that extra grab; like for large tarps in high wind like you would experience at the beach of a summers afternoon or a summers afternoon storm.

      There is nothing relaxing about being at the beach or out camping when the wind picks up or you’re caught in a storm and the tent and tarpaulin becomes a huge sail, ripping the pegs/stakes out of the ground, sand or snow. Camping should be fun, not stressful.

      Guarantee - Life Span

      All our Pro Series only (steel only) products carry our lifetime guarantee. You break it….we replace it! You wear it out and we will also replace it! Return the broken or worn out item/s to us along with your proof of purchase from us and we will replace it for free….even if it is in ten years time, we are THAT confident in our products! *Conditions apply

      All GroundGrabbas have been designed to screw into the substrate. Never smash GroundGrabbas into the substrate with any item be it a hammer or rock. Attempting to hit them into the ground will void warranty.

      Personally we think our GroundGrabba Products are brilliant and we love them but if within 30 days of purchase you dislike them or find they do not live up to your expectations then return them along with your receipt and proof of purchase from us and we will refund you. Simple!

      Our wish is that you wear the GroundGrabba Pros out because it means that you’ve really enjoyed the benefits of using them and that you’ve been camping A LOT so you have been having a lot of fun!!!!!! You wear it out or break it…we shall replace them for FREE * conditions apply. There is no lifetime replacement for any of our ‘lite’ glass reinforced nylon products.

      We do not anticipate you needing to replace them unless you lose them!

      Other Products

      The HexHook Pro as the name implies has an inbuilt Hex tool which you can use to wind in your GroundGrabba’s into the ground and easily unwind your GroundGrabba’s also. We have even found it useful for opening bottle tops! (see videos below)

      Well yes… we find it really handy for that too! How Good is THAT?!

      A 19mm Hex Driver is a socket that can be clipped into your impact driver or drill that then fits onto the Hex Head of the GroundGrabba so you can drill the GroundGrabba's in and out of the ground easily and FAST.

      The GroundGrabba Carry-All Bag is a great way of keeping all your GroundGrabba tools together.

      There are two sizes. One will carry GroundGrabba Lites and GroundGrabba Pros. The longer version bag will also hold the longer GroundGrabba Pros II’s. Both size bags will also carry HexHook Pros, PoleGrabbas, 19mm hex drivers and masonry drill bit and various other camping equipment that fits in. It is made of tough polyester.

      The bags are divided in the middle for you to help seperate the types GroundGrabbas you have. Inside there is also two zip up pouches that run from end to end to store things like your HexHook Pros, 19mm Hex driver and masonry drill bit.

      The 12x 300mm masonry drill is for pre-drilling holes into hard grounds to help make it possible to drive a GroundGrabba Pro in. When drilling into the ground it is important to clear the hole of debris continually whilst getting deeper. If you do not clear the hole the debris will make it harder to drill your hole and also possibly jam your drill bit and you may not be able to retrieve it.

      Still have a question?

      Contact us here and we will be happy to help.