GROUNDGRABBA - Heavy Duty Ground Anchoring Solutions
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      When deploying your GroundGrabba or metal tent stakes and pegs on the ground, you may find that substrate or ground is too hard to drive your stakes.You can make it easier to anchor your tent or equipment by pre-drilling the ground before you deploy your GroundGrabba pro. Our masonry drill bit allows you to drill the hole fast ensuring a quick setup of your tent. Buy a pre-drilling kit for your camping expedition in the USA.

      Drill bits for camping

      When going camping, you need to make sure that you set up and anchor tests pretty fast to save time. Our masonry drill bit comes in handy when you are setting up your tent on hard grounds. Where it seems impossible to drive your stakes or pegs into the ground, you can help make it possible with a pre-drilling tool.

      You may also use the drill bit for other applications where you need to secure equipment using GroundGrabba pro or even the ancient old hammer-in stakes.

      Strong, durable pre-drilling kit

      Our masonry drill bits are made of hardened steel and feature a tungsten tip to allow fast drilling action. You won’t worry about the compactness of the ground as the tough metal drill is going to create the hole fast before you can insert your stakes, GroundGrabba pro or Pro II.

      Maybe you are setting up a party tent or you want to tie down patio furniture or mount a popup carport, if your metal stakes can’t seem to penetrate the ground, you have a solution. The masonry drill bit is going to work the hard, compact ground to help you to insert your stake and anchor your gazebo or party tent.

      Buy a pre-drilling kit today at GroundGrabba to ensure peace of mind in your camping trip or other areas where you need to secure a rope onto a ground peg or stake. :)

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