GROUNDGRABBA - Heavy Duty Ground Anchoring Solutions
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      Safe summer fun with GroundGrabba ground anchors holding your bouncy house firm.

      Having a Bouncy House Birthday Party? Anchor with GroundGrabba!

      Spring and Summer kids birthday parties are the best. Outdoor activities, swimming, games of tag, birthday cake, and BOUNCY HOUSES! We all know where the kids first stop will be, and that is for flouncy fun, jumping and bouncing around those inflatable wonders of goodness. As adults, we even feel the pull of nostalgia remembering just how much we enjoyed it when we were kids. There is only one hitch: safety is no joke when comes to bouncy houses and other outdoor play equipment. That is why we recommend using your GroundGrabba ground anchors to ensure a secure, firm hold into the ground.  Read more
      Unique and fun, try a charcuterie board on your next camping trip

      A Camping Charcuterie Board: Deliciously Different

      Charcuterie boards are not just for indoor parties and gatherings anymore. Nowadays, you can get portable with this fun food trend and take one on your next camping trip!  With all the delicious meats, fruit, cheeses, and veggies, a charcuterie board brings a unique new element to camping that everyone will enjoy. You can get creative and really have fun with it, start with your favorites and take suggestions from your camping friends and family and see what you come up with. The great thing is, with all the variety out there the sky is the limit. Read more
      Camping with Man's Best Friend

      Camping With Man’s Best Friend

      There is a reason that a dog is “man’s best friend." Most dog owners want to take their beloved pet with them everywhere they go. There is no reason that camping should be any different. The excitement of an outdoor excursion is very healthy for your dog, and with the right training, precautions, and with a few tips, you can make your next camping trip a very thrilling one for both of you. Let’s take a look at the things you can do to prepare to bring your pooch with you next time out. Read more
      Weddings parties and more with GroundGrabba ground anchors

      Invite GroundGrabba Ground Anchors to Your Wedding or Party

      Do you have a very important, special day coming up? Are you planning a wedding or helping plan a wedding or large outdoor party? There is one very important guest that you need to invite: The GroundGrabba line of seriously strong ground anchors! These versatile, strong anchors will keep your party tents, awnings, and tarps securely in place so all you have to think about is how much fun you are going to have, and how memorable the day is going to be! Read more
      Beach Sports with the GroundGrabba series of ground anchors

      Sports Ground Anchors: Thinking Inside the Goal

      Sand volleyball tournaments. Soccer games. So many sports are played in the outdoors, and with that comes the elements that cause netting, tents, tarps, and equipment to come loose or blow away. Perhaps the sand is too much for your current pegs or anchoring devices! There is a solution for these issues and it is the GroundGrabba line of screw in ground anchors. What sets GroundGrabba apart? These ground anchors have you covered for all your sporting events so let’s break it down. Read more
      Image of GroundGrabba HexHook Pro for use with GroundGrabba ground anchors.

      The HEX HOOK PRO: What does it do?

      When you are setting up a tent or structure, whether it be for camping or other applications, it can be a very daunting task. It can cause major frustration and be time consuming. These lage bolt hooks allow you to secure your tent ropes or any other tensioning device to ground anchors and will ensure the structure remains in place, even in the strongest winds and conditions. Read more